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Our dedicated team of multi-disciplinary professionals are there for your family’s success.
Each member of the family will receive the attention and care they need so that no one
experiences navigating the world of autism alone.



Our programs are dedicated to meeting the needs of all members of the family including programs for early intervention 2-12, adolescents 13-17, and adults 18+, as well as support services for each member of the family.


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We offer resources to meet every need.. toy lists for tots, sensory products, web-applications, literature, blogs, and much much more!



After filling out our online form we will provide a 1:1 intake meeting where we discuss vital information concerning individual client needs as well as needs as a family, important considerations and priorities, as well as the support systems that are available to the entire family. This process is vital to building a relationship where we can help your family reach their full potential.

About Us

One in every 44 children has autism. The services available to these individuals and their families do not correspond to the number of people affected. Individuals with autism and parents of autistic children are frequently left feeling alone, unsure of where to turn, or scrambling to find the service(s) that will provide some kind of assistance.

We developed the concept of an autism centre that will house all services in one location. Services are generally lacking in Quebec. Our goal is to treat the entire family, including those who have never received any type of help or support. When children do receive therapy, it is focused on the child rather than the entire family. Parents are left feeling as if they are in a dark place with no support for their specific situation.



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Effie Panayotopoulos

Position: President and Co-Founder
President And Co-Founder:

President and Co-Founder

Effie is a passionate mommy of a 6 year old boy. Her mother’s intuition had her seeking guidance and advocating to have her son tested as early as 1 years old. Her son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 and a half years old.

The news, like for many families, was hard to hear. Not knowing much more than what is portrayed on television regarding autism, the family did not know what to expect. After some research online, Effie found ABA Therapy.
The process has been a long one, but the most rewarding in her life. She has watched her little baby turn into a big boy. He now will talk your ear off about anything science related where only a few years ago he wasn’t able to ask for water. Throughout the pandemic Effie was homeschooling her son and working with an ABA therapist via zoom so that he could continue ABA therapy. This allowed her to get a very hands-on understanding of how the program worked and also made it much simpler to implement into their daily lives.
Her son is her reason for  the idea of La Ruche (The Hive), through online chats and her facebook group Pieces of the Puzzle, as well as meeting other families in person through activities, Effie came to realize that more help is needed.
The dream of La Ruche (The HIve) is to help the entire family unit. From Guiding Parents on how to properly fill out the necessary paperwork, having discussions about the stress of a special needs family member, allowing siblings a chance to be heard and feel appreciated for their own individuality, as well as having multiple therapies available at one centralized location. The goal is to help the family as a whole.

Effie Panayotopoulos

President and Co-Founder

President and Co-Founder Effie is a passionate mommy of a...


Anastasia Tsakris

Position: Integration and ABA therapist
Integration And ABA Therapist:

Integration And ABA Therapist

With over 5 years experience working with children, Anastasia is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the individuals she serves. She has worked in school and home environments, encouraging learners to reach their full potential by providing academic, behavior and social support. Anastasia is a responsible self-starter with strong communication skills who is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of clients. Her passion includes working collaboratively with families of clients so the client reaches his or her goals and developing a meaningful rapport with each client she works with. During her personal time, she loves spending quality time with her own three children, and loves gardening, cooking, writing, hiking and horseback riding. She enjoys playing with her animals, including her dog, cat, bird and fish! 🐠 Anastasia is currently working towards her Registered Behaviour Technician certificate and aspires to continue growing in this field.

Anastasia Tsakris

Integration and ABA therapist

Integration And ABA Therapist With over 5 years experience working...

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